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Diesel Engine Mechanics & Biodiesel
- Tom Judd, Colorado Biodiesel

Grant-Funded Small Scale Pilot Projects
Jerry Robock, Dumpong Biofuels, Ghana
Jose Lopez, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

"Biodiesel: Sustainable Solution or Dead End Street" General Overview of Biodiesel Including History, Science, Economic & Environmental Contexts
Bob Armantrout, Biodiesel Industries

Biodiesel Safety
- Maud Essen, St. Louis Biofuels Club
- Terri Zeman, St. Louis Biofuels Club
- Rachel Burton, Piedmont Biofuels

WVO Collection Strategies
Steve Fugate, Flying F Biofuels
Micheal Mullins, DieselGreen Fuels

Basics of Oil Chemistry
- Zac Rouse, CASPiE

Biodiesel "Homebrew" Cooperatives and Clubs: Reaching out to the Local Community
Jerry Robock, Hudson Valley Biodiesel Coop
- Zac Imboden, GoBiodiesel Cooperative

The Biodiesel Future: Feedstocks To Fuel The World Panel Discussion
Matthew Posewitz, Colorado School of Mines, National Renewable Energy Lab
Douglas Henston, Solix Biofuels
- Steve Fugate, Flying F Biofuels
Sam Anderson, Biofuel Technologies
- Jonathan Meuser, Colorado School of Mines


An Overview of ASTM D6751: Biodiesel Standards & Testing Methods
Rachel Burton, Piedmont Biofuels

ASTM D6584:Gas Chromatography for Free & Total Glycerol In Biodiesel
Bob Armantrout, Biodiesel Industries

Cold Weather Strategies
Tom Judd, Colorado Biodiesel

Case Study: Piedmont Biofuels
- Rachel Burton, Piedmont Biofuels

Case Study: Biodiesel as an Educational Tool in Chemistry Curriculums
- Zac Rouse, CASPiE

Biodiesel Quality Testing
Graydon Blair, Utah Biodiesel Supply
- Steve Fugate, Flying F Biofuels

Case Study: Small-scale Production Plants
- Frankie Abralind, Pogoil
- Will Siegler, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo
- Michelle Cornell, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo

Methanol Recovery
- Maud Essen, St. Louis Biodiesel Club
- Terri Zeman, St. Louis Biodiesel Club

Biodiesel Distribution: Business Planning & Organization
Jason Burroughs, Diesel Green Fuels
- Elizabeth Patrick, Diesel Green Fuels


Water & Your Right To Use It
Dick Wolfe, Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Permtting of Wastewater Discharges From Colorado Biodiesel Production Facilities
Gary Beers, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

So You Want To Make Money In Biodiesel? Business Planning For Small Producers
Bob Armantrout, Biodiesel Industries

"Homegrown" Biodiesel - Working with Oilseed Crops on a Small Scale
Sam Anderson, Biofuel Technologies
- Kyle Bohnensteil

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