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Biodiesel 101
- Andy McMahan, Central Carolina Community College Pittsboro, NC

Case Study: Constructing A Homebrewer Headquarters
- Todd Hill, Promethean Biofuels, Temecula, CA

Case Study: Farm-Scale Biodiesel Projects
- Greg Strickland, Golden Isles Biofuels, Brunswick, GA

Distribute Biodiesel Without A Filling Station
- Tom Leue, Yellow Biodiesel, Williamsburg, MA

Developing A Grassroots, Off-the-grid Biodiesel Fueling Station
- Adam Schwartz, Green Guild Biodiesel Coop, Takoma Park, MD

Canola At A Truck Stop
- Dean Birch, Red Birch Energy, Bassett, VA

Grow & Crush Your Seed for Biodiesel Production
- John Williamson, State Line Farms Biofuels, North Bennington, VT

Biodiesel Quality Testing: Access, Preparation and Why You Should Care
- Kyle Capizzi, Paradigm Sensors, Milwaukee, WI
- Andy McMahan, Central Carolina Community College Pittsboro, NC

Evolution Of A Local Biodiesel Company: From Coop To Monopoly To Reality
- Jason Burroughs, Diesel Green Fuels, Austin, TX

Regulations, Red Tape & Finances: Making A Coop Fly
- Mike Clark, Prairie Biofuels, Madison, WI

Making Oil From Oilseeds To Use For Fuel
- Robert Byrnes, Nebraska Screw Press, Lyons, NE

Oil Seed Growth, Pressing, and Use at Penn State
- Doug Schaufler, Senior Project Associate, Penn State Farm Services, University Park, PA

Safety: Regulations, Teaching, Liability, & Other Hazards Of Biodiesel Production
- Leif Forer, Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro, NC

Small Scale Production Safety
- Andrew Kamerosky, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Do-It-Yourself Commercial Biodiesel Production
- Todd Hill, Promethean Biofuels, Temecula, CA

Expanding A Biodiesel Coop For Production
- Joe Kirby, Baltimore Biodiesel & Eagle Creek Biofuels, Baltimore, MD

Algae Diesel: From Flask To Fuel
- Jon Meuser, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

The High-Tech Future Of Biodiesel Prodution
- Greg Austic, Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro, NC

Building A LEED Certified Station From The Ground Up
- Carlo Luri, Bentley Biofuels, Minden, NV

Appleseed Methanol Recovery & Sustainable Methanol
- Matt Steiman, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Case Study: Homebrew Biodiesel
- Mike German, Founder UMBC Biodiesel Project, Baltimore, MD

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and Biodiesel
- Jason Burroughs, DieselGreen Fuels, Austin, TX

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