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Keynote: Biodiesels New Leaf / Piedmont Success Story
- Lyle Estill, Piedmont Biofuels, Pittsboro, NC

Introduction to Oil Chemistry and Transesterification
- John Bush, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Steps Toward A 100-mile Diet For Your Car
- Kumar Plocher, Yokayo Biofuels, Ukiah, CA

An Overview of the British Columbia Renewable and Low Carbon Fuels Policies
- Michael J. Rensing, Ph.D, Manager, Renewable and Low Carbon Fuels, Renewable Energy Development Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, BC, Canada

Highlights of Great Sustainability Concepts as Applied to the Biofuels Micro Sector
- Neil Watson, Founder of Horticultural Proteins

Biodiesel Production: How To Make It & Test It
- Graydon Blair, Utah Biodiesel Supply, Syracuse, UT

Let's Collaborate!
- Dara Lor, Summit Grease Cycling, Summit County, CO

Built to Last: Collaboration Amongst Biodiesel Co-ops, Businesses and Community
- Maureen Cureton, Vancity, Duncan, BC, Canada
- Kyle Capizzi, Sustainable Fuel Co-op & Bonanza Labs, Seattle, WA

Biodiesel Byproducts and Integrated Processes (or, Everything You Wanted to Know About Making Biodiesel That Doesn’t Directly Involve Making Biodiesel)
- Kealan Gell, Offgrid Earth and Water
- Brian Roberts, Executive Director, Cowichan Energy Alternatives, Duncan, BC, Canada

BioFuel Oasis: How We Started Our Own Biodiesel Filling Station
- Jennifer Radtke, Co-Founder Biofuels Oasis Cooperative, Berkeley, CA


Sustaining your Sustainable Car
- Dan Freeman, Dr. Dan's Biodiesel, Seattle, WA

Growing a Biofuels Network: What's Happening in B.C., Canada
- Luke Cross, Vancouver Biodiesel Co-op Vancouver, BC, Canada
- Brian Roberts, Executive Director, Cowichan Energy Alternatives, Duncan, BC, Canada
- Kenji Fuse, Island Biodiesel Coop, Vancouver Island, Canada

Algae: Not Just Green Kool-Aid
- Jonathan Meuser, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

Ups and Downs of a Grease to Biodiesel Business
- Jason Burroughs, DieselGreen Fuels, Austin, TX

Ethanol. Biodiesel, Straight Plant Oil – A Case For Recycling
- Dr. Björn Ratjen, Dr. Björn’s Auto

Growing a Biofuels Cooperative
- Todd Hill, Promethean Biofuels, Temecula, CA

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