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2012 Conference Presentations & Handouts

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Simple Biodiesel Quality Tests
- Graydon Blair, Utah Biodiesel Supply
Six Years of Grease to Biodiesel in Texas
- Jason Burroughs, DieselGreen Fuels
Biodiesel Plant Testing
- Dr. Virginia Gordon, Ph.D, Bonanza Labs
Commercial Biodiesel & Independent Biodiesel Working Together
- Don Scott, National Biodiesel Board
Biodiesel Composition and Its Effect on Fuel Properties
- Gerhard Knothe, USDS / ARS / NCAUR
Navigating Market Barriers in Biodiesel Distribution
- Atul Deshmane, Whole Energy
Biodiesel Fuel Quality and ASTM Testing
- Jeff Fetkenhour, Gorge Analytical
How a Co-operative Approach is Adding Value to a Biofuel Operation in the Cowichan Falley: From Feedstock to Carbon Credits, it's not just about making Biofuel!
- Brian Roberts, M.Sc., P.Ag., P.Geo, Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op & Greasecycle
A Recommended Daily Allowance for Liquid Biofuel
- Dr. Jonathan Meuser, Ph.D, Synthetic Genomics
Biodiesel Industry Challenges and Progress Toward RIN Integrity
- Susan Olson, Genscape
Biodiesel Magazine story on Susan's presentation


A Solution for High Titrating Oil
- Norm McFarling, Nebraska BioPro
Biodiesel from Argentina
- Georges Breitschmitt, Recup-Oil
Biodiesel Magazines story on Georges presentation
Drywash - Maximizing Your Mileage
- Rod Yawn, ALX Enterprises
Let's Collaborate & Diversifying Product Line
- Dara Lor, Summit Greasecycling
It's Not About Me, It's All About The Grease
- Jeff Rola, Go Bio
Biodiesel Magazine story on Jeff's Presentation
Awareness of Local, State and Federal Laws
- Dan Stonesifer, San Diego Fats, Oils & Grease Haulers Association
Some Basic Questions About Biodiesel Production
- Prof. Jon Van Gerpen, Ph.D University of Idaho
Biodiesel Magazines story on Jon's presentation

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